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Warhol Reimagined: The New Factory Gala Opening at Project One Gallery

For Warhol Reimagined, Warholian asked some of the best talent in the art community today to come forward and rework Warhol’s classic imagery. The group of fifty-nine artists were divided into two groups- the “Factory Artists” and the “Soup Can Artists”. Each artist was assigned an image and panel and given the directive to reinterpret the selected Warhol image into their own unique aesthetic.

The Factory is in reference back to Andy Warhol’s original New York City studio from the years 1962-68. The original Factory artists helped Warhol “create paintings, star in his films, and basically developed the atmosphere for which the Warhol became legendary” a sentiment that Warholian feels is very much represented by this group of artists in WARHOL REIMAGINED: THE NEW FACTORY. This group of artists collectively represent the new artist movement that seems to be centered within San Francisco.

The Warholian Factory Artists were given a 20″x24″ panel, and asked to pick from a selection of over 60 of Warhol’s works. The works were chosen based on their importance in Warhol’s lifetime body of art and prominence. These included his most classic portraits of celebrities, early body of illustrations, self-portraits and his most classic iconic pieces.

via Warhol Reimagined: The New Factory Gala Opening at Project One Gallery – Design District San Francisco – | Warholian.