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Review: Arts Fund Expo Curated by White Walls – Art Basel 2010

The W Hotel played host to the Arts Fund Expo, a double gallery show, curated by Justin Giarla of White Walls fame and sponsored by The Art’s Fund: a San Francisco venture capital firm that invests in culture, innovation and publishing.

It’s Friday night of Art Basel week, this is it, Basel.

Our next stop is cocktail hour at the W Hotel South Beach. On the 12th floor of the hotel you’ll find the first part of the show entitled “The 6 on 12 Art Crawl.” Welcome to “The W-Model Home,” where units are for sale to interested parties for upwards of a few million dollars. Each condo pristinely decorated with the distinct elegance that has made the W brand name famous.

Beneath the watchful eyes of the hotel staff, art lovers were free to wander the residences with cocktails and hors d’oeuvre’s in hand, taking the art and atmosphere in. The lights of South Beach’s swankiest hotels glittered on the skyline, you could feel the excitement in the air. Miami exuded art – it sizzled with possibility – it was a beautiful summer evening in December.

Artists Hush, Eddie Colla, Mindy Linkous, Casey Gray, Robert Malmberg and Kofie One were the residence’s featured artists, each having their own “solo residence.” Robert Malmbeg’s residence set the scene for The Art’s Fund Expo’s nightly cocktail hour – pairing a lovely mixture of hospitality and ambiance – attendees networked and talked excitedly about art and the Basel experience.

Each artist had something unique to bring to their residence…

Hush’s origins as a street artist have translated with fluidity into the contemporary art scene. His popular works blend a mixture of graffiti, anime, and bold color palates to created pieces that blur the line of “fine” and “street” art.

Kofie One, who also has roots urban subculture, has been gaining a lot of recognition lately. His work pays homage to the draftsman and is highly geometric in nature, almost architectural in style. In a world where artists use reclaimed materials more and more, Kofie is king. The artist makes recycled materials look new, and successfully transitions them into something you’d see hanging in a museum.

Mindy Linkous’ work focuses on culturally familiar events rendered in black and white. The artist found quite a patronage at this years Expo, selling a number of works during the event. Her newest works on display at The Arts Fund Expo came to life through a series of creative sessions that produced the concept and generation of a new and fresh design.

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