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PHOTOS: Roman Holiday

Rome, the eternal city has several other apt nicknames- but they are better descriptions about this old and exquisite city.

To say that this city has historical significance is an understatement. Rome rests as the undisputed cornerstone of western culture and heritage; it leaves the remains of art, architecture, Religion, culture, of not only of its own past but that of ancient western ancestry.


We arrived in Rome, Italy- or Roma, Italia in the language of the locals- in beautiful early September. I had the pleasure of visiting this eternal city when I was an exchange student in Florence and from the moment I stepped inside of it its beautiful walls I was hooked. The Italian’s greet you with an intense passion, which if you are not comfortable with can leave you a little unsettled- but they are Italians after all, and have a certain charm.

Rome-x2013-by Lyrica Glory- (2 of 100)Food always tops the list of my Italian favorites. Spaghetti, pizza, gelato, espresso- you name it. I happily follow my stomach throughout the streets of Rome sampling its yummy delights. Roman cuisine is a cuisine of the people, you will find more items with a tomato base. Lot’s of pizza’s… lot’s of pizza. My other half’s favorite is Pizza, so we sampled pizza after pizza. The best were alway’s cooked in a wood fire oven and with goo-ey cheese- his favorite was the Pizza Margherita- consisting of fresh mozzarella, fresh Summer tomatoes and fresh basil.

I often would go for the pasta. What stands out with Italian pasta is that good quality olive oil that is drizzled over the pasta. This adds a dimension and richness to the flavor of the pasta. Follow it up with your favorite sauce.

Italian cuisine reminds you that salt & peppering your food is such an important step for creating robust delicious flavors.  Fresh ingredients will often stand on their own with just a little salt and pepper to enhance their flavor.

Punctuating my food delights we photographed Roma’s art and architecture. The Vatican museum (Museos Vaticanos) and Saint Peter’s Basilica were places that we spent about 10 hours immersed in- absorbing the art and culture and significance of that single location.

Piazza Navona is another one of my favorite places to people watch- it’s fountains creating a steady stream of visitors that come to sit and enjoy one of Rome’s most popular squares.

I love Rome, and I will happily go back at any point. It’s Rome, time after time you can always come and sample something new from this spectacular city… remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so there is always more to see.