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Wanderlust: International Group Exhibition

I am pleased to announce my participation in San Francisco’s, Modern Eden Gallery’s International art exhibition “Wanderlust.”

Wanderlust is defined as “..a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.” This is a state that has become increasingly more important to live and be. I find that when I travel and see the world, the experience opens me up to a more quality existence. A more creative state of being.

I consider journaling and my sketchbook to be my primary medium. I appreciate the flow I get in when I journal- for me I am taping much more into a stream of conscious state, a creative flow. I’m less focused on the “show” aspect and more the experience of the”flow”.

So with this piece I wanted it to represent much more of the works I have in my sketchbook. I wrote, “A Creative Manifesto.” It’s a set of ideas that embody the idea that the “joy is in the journey.”


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