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Art Basel Miami Beach: 2011 Fair Highlights

As a lover of art and creativity, I have found one of the most enjoyable and artistically satisfying experience one can have is Art Basel Miami Beach. Below is my review and above are my photos for Patron of the Arts, of the art fair highlights for Art Basel Miami Beach 2011.


by Lyrica Gloryfounder of Patron of the Arts

This years Art Basel Miami Beach Fair Week was an exceptional experience. Consisting of a host of fairs and more street art than you could hope to cram into five days, Art Basel Miami Beach surpassed expectations.

Art Basel Miami Beach, is “the largest art fair in America.” Technically speaking Art Basel Miami Beach refers to only one art fair that takes place in Miami’s convention center. This fair contains “blue chip” art… art that doesn’t quite qualify for a Sotheby’s auction and costs lots and lots of money. Take a stroll through the aisles to see Warhol, Ai Weiwei, Damien Hirst and a host of other museum worthy artists for sale. Art Basel Miami, is an experience that any art enthusiast should see, it adds a very valuable perspective to ones view and the perceived $$ value on art.


Latching on to the success of Art Basel Miami Beach, a host of other art fairs have begun to pop up during Miami’s Art Basel week. From very high end, high quality fairs such as Art Miami (a personal favorite of Patron of the Arts) which showcased a beautiful selection of some of the best, most memorable art from the entire week. To smaller more entry level fairs such as Red Dot and Fountain.

Other fairs include SCOPE, PULSE, Aqua and Fountain– all of which are worth seeing and contain different tiers and styles of art.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and memorable moments was walking through the Wynwood district and experiencing the murals and street art (see Michael Cuffe of Warholian’s photos in original article here)- the living, breathing side of art. From December 1-4, every major international street artist, muralist and graffiti artist descends upon the Wynwood District to showcase their art.

Instead of displaying their works on canvas or panel on white walls, as is the case with the “other” artists- for most spray paint or wheatpaste is the medium of choice and the sides of buildings are the preferred canvas, and of course the bigger the better. Some are legal, some are not.

This “live” art is something spectacular for anybody who enjoys good street art. The energy that is contained within those select blocks for these four short days is unlike anything else in the world. A sentiment which was continually affirmed by those familiar or part of the street art, mural & graffiti scene.

Constantly in a state of flux, each corner was changing. What was up one day may have been, enhanced, buffed, replaced, by another piece and by the end of the day, minute, hour…. what remained was a vandals playground- vivid with life, energy and of course a fresh coat of paint.

For most, the experience of Wynwood during Art Basel Miami Beach will leave a lasting imprint.

In conclusion, I have compiled photos of the pieces that stood out at each fair. Every piece in the slideshow above deserves honorable mention and represents the best of the fair that they showed at.

-written by Lyrica Glory, founder of Patron of the Arts