Jacqui & Shawn’s Wedding

Mike and I just returned from Rochester, New York from his sister Jacqui’s wedding. This was my first visit to Rochester, New York and what fun it was.

Jacqui, Shawn and the McNamara family hosted a beautiful wedding where the reception was held at the local science museum and as guests we could walk around and enjoy any of the exhibitions.

As always it was a pleasure to see the extended Cuffe family. With an open bar at all the right moments, it certainly made this wedding event a pleasure to mingle and dance through.

I hung out with Jacqui and company in the morning as she was getting ready for her big day. You can clearly see that what has drawn Jacqui and Shawn together is the love of family and I think my photos convey a little of this big extended loving family.

Thank you Jacqui, Shawn and to both McNamara and Cuffe families for such a lovely time. <3

-photos by me, Lyrica Glory

Jacqui & Shawns Wedding - photos by Lyrica Glory- (1 of 1)

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