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Dream Weaving: The Magic of Dreamcatchers

I am a dreamweaver. I weave the intention of beautiful dreams manifested into each Dreamcatcher that I create.

The legend of the Dreamcatcher is that the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. The Dreamcatcher attracts the good dreams while catching in the center web- the bad. The good spirit dreams float down the sacred feather into the psyche of the dreamer while the bad spirit dreams are held in the center web and burn off in the first light of the sun.

If someone gifts you with a Dreamcatcher you are being given a sacred object. They bless the recipient with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives. Native cultures believe that a good and easy nights sleep will allow the dreamer to remember messages and visions from the higher spirit.

by Lyrica Glory

Hanging a Dreamcatcher where you sleep, dream, meditate or create- signifies to higher spirit that you are ready for communication. This is one of reasons that a dreamcatcher is considered a sacred and spiritual object. 

When we slumber the dreamcatcher casts a net of protection- allowing only good dreams to filter  to the dreamer; while bad dreams stay in the net, disappearing in the light of  day.

Every aspect of the dreamcatcher is symbolic of something. The shape of the dreamcatcher is a circle because it represents how- the sun, moon, month- travel each day across the sky.  

(You can read more about Dreamcatcher symbolism and learn how to make your own dreamcatcher in my article for Patron of the Arts, here.)





By all accounts my dreamcatchers are highly effective and have very desirable results. Those that have wanted to dream less- find their sleep peaceful and easy. Those that have desired more active sleepytime adventures have talked about how rich and detailed their dreamtime has become. One friend even talked about being able to remember his dreams for the first time.

Personally, I have found MY dreamcatcher works. Within mine I incorporated an abundance of crystals. Specifically, 10 Herkimer Diamond crystals, the ultimate dreamwork stone.

On several different occasions I have meditated or journaled, spending a focused amount of energy on a specific circumstance with the dreamcatcher above me. Each night I received a very clear dream about that circumstance in question. The dream brought me a new level of clarity and understanding that I had been asking for. So my own personal experience with my dreamcatcher has been very rewarding.

For me weaving a dreamcatcher is a mediative and aligning experience. Each one is handmade, and has a unique personality all of it’s own. The idea of creating a sacred object appeals greatly to me, so I always intend to make them as magical and as beautiful as possible.

Adding the power and energy of crystals is one of the things that makes my dreamcatchers a little extra special. EVERY dreamcatcher that I make has crystals in it. All of the stones that I use are conducive to only activating positive dreamwork energies. I believe that certain crystals possess certain qualities, so it has been very effective to incorporate the earths natural magic.  I use use a variety of crystals which may include a few of the following: Moonstones, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Opalite, Herkimer Diamond’s and Angelite.