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About Patron of the Arts

I founded the online arts magazine Patron of the Arts in 2011. Originating as a print shop that sold high quality limited edition fine art prints from exclusively curated fine artists. I eventually got out of print production because it wasn’t my passion but I’ve continued to build out Patron of the Arts with a different focus.

In the interview above, I talk more about life, passion and creativity and what drives me to create.

More About Patron of the Arts

“We find our way by getting lost, anything other than that is reading a map.”-Seth Godin

Patron of the Arts began as a vessel to collectively inspire and showcase creative culture, lifestyle, and artistic works.

Whether or not “artist” is a term you identify with, in the heart of us all as beings, is a creator.  In essence, every action and thought we make is our creation.  The art is to create your preference.  See what you prefer.  Translate the symbols and chord-striking insight into something original, regardless of external opinion.  These original expressions are our contribution to the world.  The fact that people will either love it or hate it, is actually, what makes it “art.”

Patron of the Arts supports the transformation of artistic expression through:

Encouraging active community participation and offering inspiration by giving access to some of the best art books, documentaries, as well as featuring past and current artists, both amateur and professional. (Join the community via Facebook, here.)

Shedding a spotlight on some of the most influential Master Artists, in order to learn and gain perspective from which to grow .

Offering “Art School” and Project Ideas, because we’ve tried it all.  Patron of the Arts gives proper insight to the best supplies and simple “how-to” project options so you can begin your creative journey with the best toolkit.

These are your hands, this is your clay.  Mold it how you want to see it.  It is our intention to build a bridge with the stuff that inspires you, to practice your way from breakthrough to breakthrough, thus transforming your world.

We’re here to hold a space to play around with your artistic capabilities, (sometimes that means imitating what others have done first) so that you can discover what not to do.

It is our hope that in trying, failing, and discovering what not to do, you may find your exceptional, exquisite, and original voice.

Welcome to Patronage.

-Interview by Peter Beamish & Lee Donaldson of Amplified Life, you can follow them on Facebook, here: